Circuit Clerk

Tucker County Circuit Clerk
Sharon Moats
, Circuit Clerk
211 First Street, Suite 403
Parsons, WV 26287
Telephone: 304.478.2606 ext. 202
Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday

The Clerk of the Circuit Court is elected in each county to carry out administrative functions and to act as record-keeper for circuit court actions in that county. The office of the circuit clerk is authorized by Article 8, Section 9 of the West Wirginia Constitution. The Circuit Clerk is an officer within the judicial system and plays a pivotal role in that system. The West Virginia Constitution establishes a hierarchy of administrative control that gives overall authority for the entire judicial system to the Supreme Court of Appeals. Local administrative authority lies in the circuit court, including the office of circuit clerk with regard to the clerk’s judicial functions but the clerk has autonomy to establish procedures and policies necessary to carry out statutory responsibilities. Examples of the duties and responsibilities include:

  • Serve as the Clerk to the Circuit and Family Court
  • Issue mesne (during the process of a case) process
  • Issue final process to enforce and execute judgments
  • Appoint a guardian ad litem where required
  • Respond to other requests that do not require a court order
  • Responsible for all papers filed in the office: serve as registrar, recorder and custodian for all pleadings, documents and funds pertaining to cases filed in circuit court and family court
  • Responsiible for the administration and management of the petit and grand jury systems in the county
  • Create the master list of prospective jurors: select panels for attendance, qualify and summon jurors, provide juror orientation, and monitor jurors’ attendance and mileage
  • Serve as fee officer of the court
  • Report various statistics to governmental agencies
  • Appoint deputy clerks subject to the review of the court and/or county commission

The Tucker County Circuit Clerk’s office files, stores and maintains all county records for circuit court, family court and juvenile court. The terms of court are February, June and October. The office also provides forms for pro-se filings (without an attorney) for copy costs. Example: Divorce packets are $10.

Forms for filing online are available at

The following forms are also available at our office:

  • Family Court forms (divorce, modifications, custody and domestic violence)
  • Infant Guardianship forms
  • Adult Guardianship forms (Guardian and/or Conservator forms)
  • Expungement of criminal records
  • Fee Waiver forms
  • Civil Case information statement and subpoena forms
  • Mental Hygiene

Sheila Devilder, Chief Deputy Clerk
Holly Ash, Deputy Clerk