Sheriff’s Department

Tucker County Sheriff’s Department
Brian Wilfong, Sheriff of Tucker County
215 First Street
Parsons, WV 26287
Telephone: 304.478.2321
Hours:  8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday thru Friday

The Tucker County sheriff serves as the chief law enforcement officer, charged with the responsibility of policing the county and keeping the peace, including the power to make arrests. The Sheriff also serves as the Treasurer of the county and collects all taxes levied by the county. To assist the Sheriff in the performance of his/her duties, law enforcement deputies, tax deputies and legal process deputies may be employed.

The Sheriff’s duties include:

  • Serve and execute all returns, notices and processes issued by the courts which¬†must be served in the county
  • Act as bailiff in court proceedings
  • Enforce court orders
  • Administer transportation of prisoners, mental patients, and extraditions
  • Issue licenses to citizens who apply for a concealed weapons permit
  • Administer the financial matters of adults who are unable to do so for themselves
  • Collect all state, county, municipal and school taxes; disburse money to appropriate agencies
  • Maintain all tax records
  • Enforce payment of delinquent taxes

Click here to access Tucker County personal and property tax records

Chief Deputy E. Surguy
Deputy C. Teter
Deputy C. Donnelson

Deputy T. Zirk
Becky Polomski, Chief Tax Deputy
Ruby Kelley, Tax Deputy